Are you looking for online running coaching that is tailored to help you achieve your goals? We have options available from a single one off training plan for a specific targeted event or ongoing coaching that takes your running and all things related seriously.

We’ll start you off with a questionnaire to ensure you’ve getting what you need from the online coaching, taking into account:

  • Your experience
  • Your goals or target events
  • Any injury history
  • Supporting training such as strength training and cross training
  • For ongoing coaching, monitoring via TrainingPeaks in a coach-trainee performance monitored environment

NOTE: There is limited capacity to serve everyone so this service works on a maximum capacity for the available coaches and requirements of the individuals.

Single Training Plan

$US2495one off price
  • Personal questionnaire
  • Single training plan up to 24 weeks in length
  • Up to 3 customization’s to allow for changed goals
  • Initial plan delivered within 3 days

Weekly Coaching Plan

  • FREE trial period of 14 days
  • FREE membership to TrainingPeaks for ongoing coaching
  • Ongoing customization’s
  • Initial plan loaded to TrainingPeaks within 3 days