It can be pretty easy to loose sight of why you run sometimes. Often we run because we’re committed to achieving a goal or just staying fit but surely the core value should be because you enjoy it?

If you’re not running for fun at any point in your training then it’s time to get a little focus and make sure you do enjoy at least one of your runs per week.

Take a good think about what you do enjoy about running, it could be the views from a hill looking over your town or city or maybe you love running on the beach. Or perhaps you enjoy running with your friends socially too.

If you’re not engaged in at least some enjoyable aspect of running at any point, it’s too easy to give up. Even if you have goals such as breaking a time for a 5K or just completing one, if you don’t achieve that goal and had zero enjoyment along the way towards it, the entire exercise will feel like a failure.

So this week when you’re thinking about your running, make sure you include at least one run that’s a little different, new or just plain fun.